How to establish ladders for the house

How to establish ladders for the house

At independent construction of the house of one of important tasks there is right choice and mounting of flights of stairs. Not only their reliability and durability, but also level of costs of their construction depends on design of ladders.

  • - sawn timber;
  • - saw, plane, hammer, bubble level;
  • - nails and screws.

1. Key parameters of ladder have to pay off on house projecting phase. The wrong approach is rather often used – for ladder the place is just left, at the same time its specific sizes are defined when business reaches construction of stair flights. Then it becomes clear that the sizes have been chosen incorrectly – the ladder turns out too abrupt or too flat, the sizes of steps are very inconvenient, platforms before ladder and after it are too small.

2. To rise by other floor or to go down from it was conveniently, it is necessary even during design of the house precisely to pick up the sizes of future ladder: its height, width, sizes of steps and platforms. Calculate everything with an accuracy of centimeter, considering height between floors, thickness of floors, interfloor overlappings, etc. The wrong size of steps will lead to the fact that it will be inconvenient to use ladder, the risk of getting injured will increase.

3. Define of what material the stair flight will be made. As a rule, in owner-occupied dwellings wooden flights of stairs are usually used. As the bearing basis two strong beams undertake, usually order them taking into account the specific sizes. Thickness of beam should not be less than 5 centimeters, width is chosen within 20-25 centimeters. If there is no beam of necessary width, it can be made of two – for example, to use bar of 5 by 10 cm in size, on each party will leave on two pieces of the necessary length. They are carefully vystrugivat and made in pairs. As a result two supporting girders 5 thick turn out and 20 cm wide.

4. Try on and adjust beams in the place, without fixing them it is final. Having made sure that they are precisely on the places, by means of meter and bubble level note the provision of steps and support under them. As support use wooden bars with a section 5 at 5 cm. Everyone it is necessary to fix not less than in three places, and it is better in four. Basic bars it is more convenient to fix, having removed beams and having put them on floor.

5. Fix beams with the basic bars beaten or screwed by screws in the place. Surely make sure that they are reliably fixed and will not break off under the weight of several people. After that establish steps, fastening them screws to basic bars. In the last turn mount handrail.

6. For spiral staircase it is better to use welded or shod metal framework. As independently it is difficult to make beautiful spiral staircase, it will be most correct to order it in workshop, having precisely verified the sizes. The main advantage of spiral staircase – its compactness. However in respect of convenience it is better to prefer ladders with direct flights.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team