How to establish oven

How to establish oven

Electric ovens are very similar to gas and have the same advantages. Besides, electric ovens also do not demand wiring of natural gas to the house therefore they deprive of you some troubles inevitable at installation of gas ovens. Let's consider the main stages of process of installation of electric oven.


1. Make sure of compatibility of your electric cabinet with the socket in the kitchen room. It is possible to study electric requirements of oven if to glance in the instruction to it. The socket in your kitchen has to provide optimum ampere loading and also voltage for correct work of oven.

2. Check wiring, plugs and also the block of safety plugs. Without knowledge of safety measures during the work with electricity, do not get to work with electric wiring better. At first it is necessary to study the main safety requirements, and then to work.

3. Arrange oven near the place of its installation. It should not bring upon you a lot of trouble as similar furnaces are usually equipped with two wheels behind. Just bypass the furnace, having risen behind it. Now lift upper part of the furnace and just you roll it where it is necessary. If it is necessary to overcome door opening or steps, resort to one more person.

4. So, you dokatit kitchens where it also has to stand. Establish cabinet near the place of its connection so that nothing interfered with free access of power cord to the socket.

5. Further connect electric cord of the unit to network. Prepare the place and also put in order all cords and wires so that they did not prevent your further movements, did not stop wheel of cabinet and did not get mixed up anywhere.

6. Push or just put your brand new electric oven to the place of its installation. Adjust its horizontal and vertical position turns of legs. In line-up period of your cabinet on height, it is necessary to ask the assistant to secure you.

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