How to establish pairs of doors

How to establish pairs of doors

Quite often people establish pairs of doors in the apartments. They look just perfectly. However it is not as simple to mount them as it seems. For this purpose it is necessary to stock up with the tool and material.


1. Before establishing door, it is necessary to be engaged in production of door case. Such box can be made of boards which thickness about 60 millimeters, and width – 100 millimeters. The prepared and pared down parts need to be fastened among themselves by means of thorns. The right angle has to be strictly observed. At installation you watch that the lower and top board has been located strictly horizontally. Side boards have to be located strictly vertically. To check it, it is recommended to use level. After you have leveled and have established door case, it is possible to be engaged in its fixing.

2. To wall the door case can be fixed by means of thick nails or steel pins. If the door is established in the concrete or brick house, then to hammer nail or the pin into walls will be problematic. For this purpose it is necessary to drill previously in places of fastening openings under nails. Wooden traffic jams are inserted into them. Subsequently fastenings for door opening will be driven in into them.

3. When mounting doors consider, thresholds need to be made only in external door openings. If there is no opportunity to make threshold, then it is possible to raise a little floor in the room of rather corridor floor.

4. After the box is installed, it is possible to pass to attaching of doors. To start them it is necessary to adjust to the size of door case. For this purpose to sostrugayta their edge parties. Hang them on loops and plan surplus. Then remove from loops and cut off them. When doors are finally adjusted, it is possible to hang them permanently. Loops need to be chosen by the size. It is recommended to fix them only screws. They have to enter as much as possible openings in loop. Heads of screws has to be located aflush with cards.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team