How to establish steel shutters

How to establish steel shutters

Today it is considered very prestigious to call the specialized master for performance of various homework, since repair of plumbing and finishing with installation of outer steel shutter. But if you can independently establish doors or have no finance for payment of the master, then this article to you will help to make everything quickly and qualitatively.


1. At first it is necessary to dismantle old doors and to prepare door opening for installation of new steel shutter. It is very tiresome and long process: at first remove old door from loops (if your door is established on removable loops, she will act very easily and quickly, but if loops fixed, then you have to sweat: it is necessary to unscrew self-tapping screws or just to break loops).

2. It is necessary to remove old door case further. There are two options: 1. Take sledge hammer, nail-catcher and just break out door case.2. take saber saw and accurately cut door case in several places, then easily remove box. Having chosen the second way of dismantling of door case, you keep whole door slopes. After you have removed box, put away all garbage which remained from dismantling of door. Now it is possible to start installation of new steel shutter.

3. Remove packing from door and insert it into door opening. In order that you had place for work, open door by 90 degrees. Further, it is necessary to record well door, and most it will be very heavy to make it therefore the help is useful to you. But if to help there is nobody, you should place wooden wedge under door. Now on level establish door. You should establish door exactly even if walls are a little crooked. If you crookedly establish door, then when it is not closed on the lock, the door will independently open and be closed.

4. It is necessary to fix the navesochny party further. For this purpose take power drill for brick surface and the perforator for concrete. Drill in hole wall which correspond to openings in door case. Insert anchor bolt into ready openings and tighten it. If you draw bolt, then can bring down level and warp door. If the door densely adjoins on all length, it is possible to fix the second party. But if the door does not adjoin, by means of substrate it is possible to level it. Now grease hinge plates, zapenta interval between door and wall. Remove protective film from door. You have independently established steel shutters.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team