How to establish the inflatable pool

How to establish the inflatable pool

The country inflatable pool – great way to entertain the children missing in the country and to protect them from summer heat and adults too with pleasure have a rest in cool water of the pool. At the same time the inflatable pool is rather cheap, simple in installation and service, and in folded look (for example, for the winter) does not demand a lot of place for storage. But to derive pleasure from the inflatable pool, it is necessary to establish it correctly.

1. Even before purchase of the inflatable pool it is necessary to evaluate correctly its sizes and to find the suitable area on the site. Besides, choosing the pool, specify its type: inflatable or bulk. In the first case it is necessary to pump up all walls of the pool, and in the second – only the top ring which emerges upward during filling of the pool with water. It is better to take the pool for children with inflatable bottom to save the child from bruises and bruises. Consider that pools of round shape have bigger durability at the expense of the uniform pressure of water on their walls.

2. After acquisition of the pool prepare under it site. Required area, as a rule, is specified in the instruction. The place chosen by you has to be equal, not have biases and hollows. It is better not to establish the pool near trees as leaves will pollute water. Besides water in the pool will heat up only in the natural way, that is the place has to be solar.

3. The site should be cleaned from all stones, branches, cones, glasses and garbage as all these objects can damage integrity of dock apron carefully. Besides, the pool cannot be established on sand, clay or just soft soil as after filling with water the basis can sink. Before installation it is better to lay site for the pool dense tarpaulin or PVC – material of which do advertizing banners. It not only will create additional protection against damages, but also will reduce losses of temperature.

4. In advance decide on where you will drain water. Even in the small pool the mass of water can be about 1 ton therefore choose the direction of descent of water before filling of the pool. Consider that the pool is strictly forbidden to be moved with trail on the ground so it is necessary to display it directly on site. Inflate the pool by means of the pump. It is impossible to use devices with compressed air, such as compressors as it is possible to damage walls.

5. Make sure that the drainage valve is densely closed. Fill pool bowl with water on several centimeters to make sure that the pool is established exactly. If the height of water from different sides of the pool differs, then it is necessary to drain water and to level the surface of the platform. If the height of water in all parts of the pool is identical, then straighten all folds and fill the pool to noted level.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team