How to establish timbering

How to establish timbering

In construction, at formation of concrete and reinforced concrete constructions, the temporary form is applied. It is called timbering. Main requirements to it: stability, durability and rigidity. The framework has to gather and understand quickly and easily, without damaging the concreted products.

It is required to you

  • - boards;
  • - bar;
  • - nails;
  • - wire.


1. The folding and adjustable timbering is basic element when filling the base. Collect such design from ready boards, boards or boxes which will be removed from the created products after concrete stiffens. For izgotovka of wooden parts use board 25 millimeters thick. Choose height depending on the size of the filled-in form.

2. Carry out nail connections on extreme cuts of boards. Apply assembly nails to these purposes. They have to be different length, but no more than two sizes. For example, 70 and 100 millimeters. This rule concerns also boards. Do timbering of one object, using wooden components no more than two thickness.

3. Make fastenings of wire, in the form of couplers inside. It will allow to avoid the lateral pressure of fresh concrete weight. Front part of boards in boards to prostrogayta. The surface has to be smooth.

4. On outer side closely to boards hammer stakes into soil. They will undergo concrete pressure. Inside record boards struts on the necessary width.

5. Mount timbering up to 200 millimeters high from boards. Apply panel board connection in process of increase in the sizes of the flooded base. Inside establish bar with a section at 50 millimeters, and outside put clamping boards and stakes.

6. During more volume works establish stakes by the sizes and beat board guides. Internal edges have to coincide with the side planes of concrete. After installation of guides and thorough adjustment, establish board on the one hand. Check coincidence of surfaces of board and board. Fix in vertical position by drag struts from bar. In the same sequence carry out works from the opposite side. Measure internal dimensions and pull together sidewalls with temporary struts or collars. After installation of timbering define axes and vertical marks and start concreting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team