How to establish toilet on the site

How to establish toilet on the site

To construct toilet at the dacha by the hands not so difficult. If you have the seasonal dacha, such construction is necessary. From the master the possession of initial carpenter's skills, preparation of tools and materials in enough will be required. It is good to secure still with the help someone from neighbors or the member of household – one such volume of work will not manage to be expedited.

At the dacha which is completely equipped for year-round accommodation it is desirable to arrange not one, but two toilets. One of them is arranged in housing, another have on the street. The house toilet in owner-occupied dwelling is arranged for use in evening and night time, at bad weather, during cold and rain to go outside on such delicate affairs not especially pleasantly. And when working in garden and kitchen garden it is better to use street not to bring dirt in the house.

Rules and recommendations about placement of toilets at the dacha

There are some restrictions to which it is necessary to adhere if you are going to build street toilet the hands. They first of all concern designs which can allow contact of sewage with underground waters and the soil.

1.            Before constructing country toilet, trace that from it to source of water there would be distance not less, than 25 meters. Any source of water, including wells, wells, streams, lakes, other reservoirs means. If your site is under bias, it is necessary to establish toilet below, than there is water intake source. Observance of this rule will not allow hit of waste liquids in clear water. At the same time are considered as the water sources which are in your territory and in the territory of neighbors.

2.            From street toilet to the basement or cellar there has to be the most smaller 12 m, also and to residential building.

3.            To bath, summer shower – the most smaller 8 m.

4.            To outbuildings for animals – 4 m.

5.            To bushes and trunks of trees – 1-4 m.

6.            To fence – not less than 1 m.

7.            Before constructing street toilet, calculate arrangement of doors so that they would open not towards neighbors.

8.            By all means consider the direction of wind – hardly to you or your neighbors will like not especially pleasant smell.

9.            If on your site underground waters are located lower than 2.5 m, it is possible to arrange any design. At higher height of water it is impossible to arrange cesspool – it is necessary to use other versions, for example, dry closet. From it sewage will not get to underground waters.

Choosing the place for installation of toilet, it is necessary to take into account arrangement of objects not only on own, but also on the neighbour's site. Evaluate as sheds and houses, trees and constructions are located. If you are going to establish toilet of such look that sewage in it does not contact to soil, the restrictions which are listed above can be not taken into account. It will be necessary to consider only wind rose for concealment of smell and usability to your conditions. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team