How to estimate quality of flue

How to estimate quality of flue

History of flues contains not one millennium. There were they practically at once after people have learned to extract fire. It has become clear that smoke is capable to poison the person. Therefore it was necessary to think out as it is possible to minimize harmful effects of smoke. As a result also the flue has been invented. The principle of its action is quite simple - in special pipe the draft thanks to which smoke comes to light is created. However not everything is so simple with flues. To choose qualitative, it is necessary to consider several important parameters.

The low-quality flue can become the reason enough serious troubles, for example, of the fire. if it is incorrectly mounted or made not of those materials that is necessary, problems are inevitable. For this reason it is very important to estimate correctly quality of flue at construction or purchase already ready in the market.

What has to be qualitative flue

Optimal variant of qualitative flue experts call what represents the channel with good thermal insulation, insignificant indicator of adjournment of soot and also the lowered condensate level. Such flues, as a rule, have rather long term of work and are capable to maintain considerable loadings without damage to the house, baths, giving and other buildings.

The qualitative flue first of all has to be designed so that the main requirement was observed - the draft increases with increase in stack height. Otherwise (if draft insufficient) there is effect of delay of smoke in the offtake and even its return exit to the room. At the same time it should be taken into account that exterior of pipe and coincidence of proportions of flue and the building are in this situation minor. The functionality and the correct work of heating services are especially important in this situation. It is important to define also location of flue. So, for example, if it belongs to the category of internal, it is necessary to carry out also additional works arrangement of support, the organization of the correct protection, etc. If option internal, it is optional to warm it. However, in the place of joint it is necessary to make isolation which will be at least for 60 cm to exit.

It should be taken into account that if the pipe at internal laying of flue passes through not heated part of the room, it is necessary to warm pipes. Otherwise from sharp temperature drop they will burst.

External the flue which carries the name qualitative usually represents cylinder. Such form ensures the most effective functioning of the offtake. Besides, pay attention to the simplest models without any art delicacy. It is connected with the fact that various ornaments and other intricate forms lead to bigger accumulation of soot on parts of pipe. As a result, the flue begins to work worse more often and the thicket should clean it too. It is desirable that height of external flue was not less than 5 meters. At qualitative flue the joints on which the pipe connects have to be located below interfloor crossing points and remain open for visual examination. In most cases for achievement of bigger safety it is recommended to process in addition these joints special non-combustible materials.

Of what materials flues are made

It is very often possible to observe picture when bath, the cottage or the house have the brick pipe of flue which is sprinkled, covered with white raid and having other destructions. It means that for construction of flue the wrong material has been chosen. Today experts recommend for construction of smoke-deflecting pipes only two materials - stainless steel and Hungarian furanflex.Furanflex - material of high strength and fire resistance. Represents product from composite metal (it is the plastic reinforced by high-strength fibers). Its plus is that it is resistant to emergence of condensate, has low heat conductivity and is perfectly applied where pipes heat up to 200 degrees. Stainless steel has the optimum section of pipes thanks to what the correct and optimum draft is created. Besides, it is not subject to abundant formation of condensate. Such material of spetsialichta is called hermetic and simple in service. And if to follow all rules of mounting and it is correct to operate the furnace or fireplace, or the gas boiler, flue from stainless steel will be the most fireproof. As for other materials of which traditionally do flues, the experts claim that they become irrelevant owing to the improper functional features today. Asbestos-cement pipes are used as often as possible. Basic reason why builders choose them - low price. At the same time they heavy, do not differ in special tightness of joints, absorb condensate and, as a result, collapse quicker. if to overheat such material, then pipes can burst or even to blow up. Zinc and steel pipes which so often use at construction of baths also have number of the shortcomings. The term of their service is considerably short - from 2 to 4 years. Then because of the increased formation of condensate of pipe begin to rust, become thinner and become useless quickly. One more unsuccessful material for building of smoke branches - brick. And it in spite of the fact that it is used quite often. The brick is bad the fact that it quickly collapses under the influence of condensate moisture, very intensively absorbs it in itself therefore even walls become wet, the brick is simply scattered.

If you want your flue to be brick, just revet it. But surely at the same time respect fire protection regulations of mounting.

Remember that the correct (qualitative) flue surely has to be the correct sizes which are stated in standards of construction. According to these rules, the good qualitative flue has to be dense, vertical and isolated. Besides, it should not have any ledges. The section of canal has to be surely kept on all pipe length. There will be otherwise problems with draft. The choice of the correct flue has to be conscious. Therefore before buying, surely study all haraketristik of the copy offered you then not to regret about the choice. You do not chase low price, the subsequent repair and problems which the wrong flue can put will be to you many times more expensive.

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