How to etch bugs

How to etch bugs

Bugs can appear in the apartment from where it is necessary. You can bring them on clothes from public transport or, having visited on a visit the apartment of which bugs live. Most often they creep from neighbors. The main habitat – bed. Stings of bug are not felt as at sting the anesthetizing substance being in saliva gets into skin. Places of stings strongly comb hair and in their places there are blisters which can inflame. Bugs can be potential carriers of infectious diseases and it is necessary to fight with them.


1. To etch bugs alone only in the apartment occupation useless. These to you should be engaged systematically until all entrance agrees to poison massively bugs. The most effective way to get rid of bugs – to cause SES or private firm on fight against insects, wreckers and rodents. Professional processing from bugs consists in sprinkling of all apartment special modern medicine which turns into granules and acts on extent of two years. If to process apartments of all neighbors and entrance, then you will get rid of bugs for a long time.

2. It is possible to use chemical methods of disposal of bugs. Buy any aerosol medicine for fight against bugs. They are on sale in any economic supermarket and are provided in wide assortment. It is necessary to sprinkle it all apartment paying special attention to processing of plinths and slots and also places for dream. When processing take measures of individual protection, put on respirator, gloves, all clothes wash at once. Remove from the apartment products, children, pets, aquariums, cages with birds. Through time specified on packing the apartment it is necessary to air and wash up carefully all available places cleaning agent. If necessary to repeat processing. Mer this temporary and not rather effective because as it was already written above it is necessary to process all apartments in the stairwell.

3. Use of folk remedies and methods even less effectively. For example, you can use mix of kerosene and green soap for processing. It is necessary to apply on all surfaces, plinth and slot in all rooms of the apartment.

4. It is possible to use mix of kerosene and turpentine or mix of ammonia solution and turpentine. But after all it is better not to suffer in vain and to call experts for processing of all apartments.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team