How to expand space in the room? Councils of designers

How to expand space in the room? Councils of designers

The narrow, low-ceilinged close room can look more spacious at the expense of correctly picked up finishing materials and lighting. Also the choice of furniture and also its optimum arrangement is important. Before beginning repair, carefully consider design, considering each trifle.

Correctly choose color gamma. Designers believe that they will help to expand space light cold tone: bluish, green, pearl gray. Warm shades do the room to cozier, but less spacious. Refuse wall-paper with the large drawing and also the decorative panels reducing room height. Ideal option for small rooms - monophonic walls. At the same time one can be allocated by means of the contrast drawing or photowall-paper. Pictures with prospect - the road leaving afar, view of city streets are very good.

Consider not only the size, but also room form. The narrow room needs to be expanded, made more square visually. Faces of such room should be made monophonic, having allocated with color wall-paper or motive part of one of wide walls. The same rules concern also floor. Ideal option - smooth equal covering without the drawing. You do not lay the oriental carpets and doormats occupying only part of surface on floor. Instead of them use carpet under plinth, opaque linoleum or light laminate.

Do not save on finishing materials and furniture. In the small room everything has to be pleasing to the eye.

To increase the room, refuse contrasts. Curtains have to repeat color of wall-paper, same concerns shade of window frames and doors. Choose light furniture. The ideal option is to replace standard cabinets and racks with the system of shelves and the fitted cupboards, having painted them in tone of walls. Combine the closed and open regiments to avoid monotony in interior. Regiments or cabinets have to be high, practically under ceiling. Such reception will visually increase floor-to-ceiling height.

Do not buy bulky furniture. The large subject in the small room will make it closer. Instead of wide bed get small folding sofa, replace massive soft corner with easy canape and couple of chairs. Upholstered furniture has to be low. For the small room low padded stools, semi-chairs, causeuses are ideal. Cabinet furniture has to be easy and compact too. Consoles, angular bureaus, low long and narrow curbstones, high racks will be suitable for small rooms. Use possibilities of folding furniture, it significantly saves space.

Try to observe order in the room. The scattered clothes, papers, newspapers and toys will spoil impression of the thought most over interior.

Think over lighting system. Than the room is lighter, especially spacious it seems. Be not limited to the central chandelier, light all corners of the room. The sconce, desk lamps, the recessed lighting fittings and floor lamps - all these accessories will allow not only to increase space, but also to zone the room. Do not curtain window dense portieres, mashayushchy to penetration of daylight. Ideal option - the easy curtains with pickups which are beautifully framing window. If periodic blackout is required, add curtains with rolled curtains or blinds. Choosing decor for the room, be not fond. The abundance of vases, photos, pictures and other trifles litters the room and does it to closer. Give preference to several decorative elements of suitable design. For example, the big poster or picture in thin frame can have something in common with narrow vase or floor lamp of interesting form and also to be in harmony with decorative dish on table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team