How to facilitate care for plants on clay soils

How to facilitate care for plants on clay soils

To grow up harvest of vegetables on clay soils is serious test for many who have got such sites. And still, it is possible to facilitate the work if to apply the simplest methods of agrotechnology.

All noticed that to process clay (loamy) soils when in them there is no moisture, very hard physically. No tool takes this ""asphalt"". And to water, feed up plants in dry weather when such soil, turns into rastreskivayemy ""mosaic"", too trudozatratno. Of course, over the years, at annual introduction of organic chemistry, materials in the form of coarse sand, sawdust, peat, manure, the structure changes for the better a little. And crops of sideratny cultures facilitate processing of such lands. And how to be today when there is summer season?

We look at the nature and we do the same. Where the soil is tightened by weeds, or the thrown board lies, the piece of roofing material moisture remains, and the earth does not turn into ""asphalt"". We note and do what? Mulching. Everything that is near at hand suits for mulch. The mowed lawn grass, any weeds put under plants on beds perfectly keep moisture and save time on loosening. In dry weather such zamulchirovanny plants do not suffer from lack of moisture.

To apply materials in the form of cardboard, old paper boxes too as the budgetary option, it is possible. But under such rigid mulch ""residential quarters"" of settlers are possible: ants, slugs, wood lice, etc.

Well the mulch from old sawdust holds moisture on clay beds (deciduous!), straw, and mulching by coniferous debris under tomatoes, on beds of wild strawberry, carrots, under rosebushes, bears double advantage: keeps moisture, protects from wreckers and, as a result, saves time on loosening.The mulch layer in 3-5 cm will be sufficient.

Do not leave without mulch and new young planting of trees and bushes.

The modern mulching materials perfectly help to grow up rich harvests on heavy clay soils. But they do not turn into organic chemistry as natural herbs, sawdust, needles.In rainy weather the clay soils swim away and plants sink, especially in low places. In such cases of bed it is necessary to do slightly higher than the level of the soil that water flew down. Especially it concerns some onions vegetables, bulbous flowers, root crops.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team