How to feed up orchid

How to feed up orchid

To begin to feed up orchids follows during their active blossoming as for this process additional forces are required for plant. Usually use the special fertilizers for orchids acquired in flower shops, but it is possible to use also normal fertilizer for houseplants.


1. If you are beginner in cultivation of orchids, then it is the best of all to buy already adult plant which should be fed up and watered according to the special, but considerably simplified scheme, than absolutely young plant.

2. If feeding up orchid, you use normal mineral fertilizers for fertilizing of houseplants, do not forget to reduce dose of fertilizers in 2 or even 3 times.

3. Feed up plants not more often than once in three weeks as for orchid it is important not to go too far in amount of fertilizers, it is better "not to finish feeding plant". In general it is recommended to feed up orchids often, but gradually. You produce plant fertilizer with each its watering, parting half dose of the put fertilizing in water. Water with such water plant strictly at the roots, avoid hit of liquid on leaves and flowers of plant. In droughty weather (especially in the summer) use watering from pallet, also parting half dose of fertilizers in water.

4. Remember that fertilizing is carried out only during growth and active blossoming of plant, by the time of fertilizing the plant has to take roots and acclimatize well. During blossoming of orchid need abundant watering if the plant receives insufficient amount of water, then its escapes very much will weaken, will lose turgor at all will cease to blossom. Therefore carefully you watch that the earth in pot with orchids did not dry up.

5. Use only soft water as orchids are rather whimsical plants for watering of plants. In water there should be no chemical impurity in case you use tap water for watering, then it needs to be defended previously.

6. You do not carry out podkarmlivaniye of plants which are weakened by disease, are struck by wreckers or to which change is necessary in the nearest future.

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