How to fertilize kitchen garden

How to fertilize kitchen garden

As all know long ago, nothing grows in the empty earth. If not to fertilize kitchen garden, then it is not necessary to wait for harvest. Plants grow weak and badly fructify. When landing potato to the earth which was not fertilized it is possible to pick one peas. The exception is made by only the chernozem soil and that in it is not all nutrients and at annual landing their stock is inevitably reduced. Therefore the soil always needs to be fertilized.


1. The most popular type of fertilizer – manure. It contains large amount of the nutrients and microorganisms emitting the carbon dioxide necessary for plants for the normal growth and power supply. The soil fertilized by manure becomes more friable that in addition favorably influences growth and development of plants. The best for fertilizer of kitchen garden horse manure and sheep is considered. In it potassium, most of all necessary for plants, and nitrogen. If on the site to bring enough manure, then nutrients will arrive to plants of 5-6 years. And everything is good, but manure is expensive fertilizer and to scatter it on the site very hard, to especially lonely elderly person. To scatter manure on personal plot the male physical force is required.

2. The second most popular type of fertilizer – humus. It is the rerotting manure and contains even more nutrients. The consumption of humus has to be 4 times more than manure. After scattering on the site the earth needs to be plowed or dug at once.

3. Due to the high price and the first and second fertilizer gardeners and gardeners suit on sites compost pits where dump all weeded grass, vegetable cleanings and everything that can rot through and go next spring as fertilizer. The hole is constantly watered and watch that everything dumped in hole was in damp state. In the spring all contents of hole are scattered on kitchen garden and closed up to the soil.

4. Now more often fertilizers which do not scatter on all site began to be applied, and bring purposefully in each hole of potato, under each bush of tomatoes or cabbage. It is big range of mineral fertilizers which are provided in shops in wide assortment.

5. Quite often gardeners try to fertilize kitchen garden sawdust. I pound from it a little. They help to improve structure of the soil and is longer to keep in it moisture. As fertilizer sawdust works only in the rerotting look. For this purpose heap with sawdust needs to be watered and closed cellophane. It is possible to scatter as fertilizer them only the next year.

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