How to fertilize saltpeter

How to fertilize saltpeter

Ammonium nitrate is the fertilizer allowing to fill lack of nitrogen of the soil. Saltpeter needs to be applied with care only on podsolic soils as it can increase their acidity. On alkaline and neutral sites its application is limited only to features of the grown-up culture.

It is required to you

  • Ammonium nitrate, rake, water.


1. Ammonium nitrate is the most inexpensive industrial fertilizer. It is possible to use it all the year round. Some gardeners disseminate saltpeter on the site directly through snow. One of features of this fertilizer is that it is capable to work even in the cold soil. In the spring as soon as thaws thin top soil, you can scatter saltpeter on the site, having slightly closed up it with the help grabel. Having used this method, you prevent spring nitrogenous starvation at perennial plants.

2. Many farmers prefer saltpeter to other sources of nitrogen, however it is worth remembering that saltpeter does not suit for extra root fertilizing. Never spray plant with saltpeter, differently instead of feeding up, you will burn them. Saltpeter can be brought only in the soil, and not only with the help grabel. The optimum effect is reached at introduction of this fertilizer on depth about ten centimeters, it will allow the maximum quantity of nitrogen to remain in the soil.

3. It is good if you use saltpeter when watering the plants. Nitrogen compounds are perfectly dissolved in water, this way is very convenient as you should not dig or loosen the earth. Besides, such waterings promote more uniform distribution of nitrogen, bringing him in deeper soil layers.

4. In the second half of summer and it is necessary to use saltpeter with bigger care in the fall. The excessive nitrogenous wellbeing can force plant to increase green material instead of yielding good harvest, especially it is noticeable on plants of tomatoes and cucumbers. You risk to receive huge bush with small, undeveloped fruits. To avoid similar consequences, approximately from the middle of July begin to reduce intensity of fertilizing with use of ammonium nitrate.

5. Many know that glut of the soil nitrogen promotes accumulation of nitrates. It is one more reason that you should not abuse ammonium nitrate in the second half of summer. Just before harvesting, approximately in 10-20 days, stop fertilizing. It is rational to use saltpeter more actively in the spring and at the beginning of summer, it will allow plants to get stronger and gain strength.

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