How to fight against caterpillars on gooseberry

How to fight against caterpillars on gooseberry

The gooseberry, as well as many other cultural plants, is subject to influence of various wreckers. Caterpillars which appear on plants during fructification can do special harm to future harvest. How to fight with them on personal plot?

The gooseberry is grown up everywhere in various corners of our country. Various wreckers can sometimes threaten good harvest. One of such are caterpillars. Generally the gooseberry is subject to influence of two species of caterpillars - it is kryzhovnikovy sawfly and willow shchitovka. Correctly to struggle with these insects, it is necessary to know their some features.

Pale-legged kryzhovnikovy sawfly

This species of sawflies represents caterpillar of green color with brown spot on front part of insect. Usually appears in hot droughty weather and eats pulp of leaves, leaving only some streaks. The pale-legged kryzhovnikovy sawfly during the season develops in two-three generations, since the moment of blooming of leaves and finishing with harvesting. This insect under the remains of grass and leaves winters.

Yellow kryzhovnikovy sawfly

The caterpillar of this insect has length to 2 cm and glaucous color. As soon as the first leaves are dismissed, there are adult insects who lay eggs on their bottom side. From these eggs caterpillars which eat greens of plants hatch. These insects in June are especially dangerous. At this time they can destroy cultural plants completely.

Willow shchitovka

This caterpillar does the greatest harm to gooseberry to those that exhausts juice from bark of plants. It causes their oppression and further dying off of branches. For the first time appear at the time of blossoming of gooseberry. Can breed with high speed and cover with itself all bark of branches of plants. Shchitovka has the small sizes and during the season only one generation of wreckers appears.

How to fight against caterpillars on gooseberry

1.      As well as with other wreckers, it is necessary to begin to fight against caterpillars in the fall. For this purpose collect and delete all fallen leaves from the site, and loosen the soil under plants. It allows to die to eggs of wreckers.

2.      As soon as have noticed emergence of any caterpillars on gooseberry, it is necessary to shake them on special material which is spread under bushes. It will allow to reduce their population significantly.

3.      Various chemical medicines, for example, nitrafen or lepidotsid will be suitable for fight against caterpillars during blossoming. They need to be used only according to the instruction with application of means of personal protection.

4.      With approach of fructification on gooseberry use of chemical medicines is not allowed. Therefore at this moment for fight against caterpillars use folk remedies. Bushes of gooseberry spray with infusions of tobacco or bitter wormwood. They are trained within 2-3 days with addition of laundry soap before the processing. Most effectively to spray gooseberry at the end of June - the beginning of July.

5.      It is possible to get rid of shchitovka if to carry out on gooseberry trunk by brushes, sweeping away insects from plants.

6.      It is also possible to prepare broth from green parts of tomato tops of vegetable. For this purpose stepsons, the lower leaves and other waste will approach. The green tops of vegetable of tomatoes is filled in with water and boiled within 30 min. on slow fire. Then filter and dilute with water 1:3. On each 10 l of broth it is necessary to add 50 g of any soap. Processing of plants is carried out to dry windless weather in the morning.

7.      Not less effective is also infusion of pharmaceutical camomile in fight against caterpillars on gooseberry. For its preparation use 1 kg of the dry raw materials including leaves and inflorescences of camomile. It is filled in with boiled water and insisted during 10-12 h before spraying part by 3 times with water and add soap.

All these ways help to prevent distribution of various caterpillars on gooseberry and promote receiving good harvest of these berries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team