How to fight against domestic ants

How to fight against domestic ants

Ants are ubiquitous insects who throughout many centuries live in one territory with the person. Sooner or later there comes such moment when the neighbourhood with insects becomes irritating, so, has come it is time to begin serious fight against ants.

It is required to you

  • - Wormwood, garlic or wild mint;
  • - lemon;
  • - boric acid;
  • - honey;
  • - granulated sugar;
  • - water;
  • - plastic covers;
  • - egg;
  • - "Dichlorvos", Rayd or Frontline.


1. It is possible to get rid of domestic ants in the way of scaring away. It is known that these insects do not love pronounced and pungent smells, try to avoid their sources. If at you the hand is not raised to be engaged in destruction, use the called ant weakness - otvadta of insects from the fallen in love feeding trough. Grease ant paths with wormwood, garlic, juice of leaves of elder or wild mint. It is also possible to spread out on ant paths pieces of fresh lemon. Insects will hurry to retire.

2. If scaring away has not led to beneficial effects, then it is time to pass to more serious measures. Mix half of teaspoon of boric acid with honey teaspoon, add a little granulated sugar. Pour a little water that the consistence reminding gruel on viscosity degree as a result has turned out. Carefully mix components and pour in small covers from plastic bottles, place in habitats of ants. As these insects are awful sweet teeth, the feeding troughs shortly prepared will be literally stuck around by ants. Each working insect will bring on treat drop to the slot for the growing-up larvae. Boric acid gets to organism of ant and destroys chitinous cover. Over time insects perish.

3. Cook one egg to full readiness, you clean it from shell and separate yolk. Pound egg yolk and mix it and a half teaspoon of boric acid, there send a little honey or sugar. Roll small balls from the prepared weight and spread out them in places of passing of ant tracks. Shortly from ants there will be no trace left also.

4. In shops it is possible to buy special aerosols which help to get rid of ants (Rayd, Frontline, "Dichlorvos"). Be extremely careful when using such medicines, especially if in the house there are children and animals.

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