How to fight against medvedka at the dacha

How to fight against medvedka at the dacha

Medvedka (other name - kapustyanka) is the insect from three to five centimeters long having rigid wing sheaths and powerful forepaws. There lives this representative of fauna only in the soil, on surface appears seldom.

If on your seasonal dacha such wrecker as medvedka has appeared, then you should not postpone fight against it, only in this case you will save the harvest. The fact is that the kapustyanka very quickly breeds also delay - certain death of many garden cultures.

At fight against medvedka most often use baits and traps: they are established and displayed in warm season to the soil on depth about three centimeters (at this depth medvedka live in the summer). Baits can both be bought, and to make most. For example, the steamed-out wheat grain and zinc - the quite good option yielding nearly 100% result in fight against kapustyanka. Well the bait in the form of the Parisian greens and bran copes with this wrecker (proportions 1:10 respectively). It is necessary to remember that two above-stated means are very poisonous and it is necessary to apply them with extra care.

If you do not wish to use toxic agents then other methods will help. For example, seating around beds with vegetables of chrysanthemums on depth of three-five centimeters will frighten off wreckers, and the ""delicacy"" from shredded egg shell flavored with small amount of vegetable oil will promote fast death of insects.

Trap - one of the fastest and effective methods of fight against medvedka. Everything that needs to be made, it to dig several one-liter jars in bed at the level with the earth (it is possible to use also other deep tanks with slippery walls) and to put or pour in them bait (especially to taste to kapustyanka beer). As medvedka - insects who are most active in evening and night hours because of poor visibility they get to these traps, and here cannot get out of them any more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team