How to fight against midges

How to fight against midges

Midges – quite unpleasant and importunate neighbors who most often lodge in kitchen. Before starting serious fight against midges, it is necessary to find out basic reason of their emergence and to immediately eliminate it. There are many effective and simple methods of fight against these uninvited guests.

It is required to you

  • - glass;
  • - cellophane bag;
  • - thread or elastic band;
  • - syrup;
  • - matches;
  • - sand or decorative stones;
  • - special chemical means.


1. Very often source of reproduction of midges is the decayed vegetable or fruit. Not less widespread places of appearance of insects – package of potato or onions, bank with old jam, bag with walnuts, sink (the waste which has got stuck in pipe can become midges nursery), garbage can. Bring full order to the house, make damp cleaning, remove far away all food. Now time to start direct fight against the annoying flying insects has come.

2. Take small plastic cup and pour on bottom of a little sweet syrup (it is possible to use wine, beer). From above on glass pull polyethylene film or cellophane bag, fix by means of elastic band or thread. Make small openings that midges could creep in film. All cunning of this way is that midges, having felt pleasant sweet smell, will try to make the way in the made bait. You will need only to tie glass in bag and to get rid of it together with midges. If necessary it is necessary to repeat the procedure completely to eliminate midges.

3. Flowers are the one more favourite place of dwelling and reproduction of midges. Their larvae with the great pleasure gnaw roots of your houseplants, flowers begin to perish. At emergence of this problem it is necessary to reduce waterings. From above strew the soil with layer of sand or lay decorative stones. It is possible to disinfect the earth weak solution of potassium permanganate. Thrust to the soil several matches, sulfuric heads down.

4. If the listed ways of fight against midges do not help, then it is necessary to resort to chemical ways. There are many special solutions which should be sprayed in places of congestion of insects. Be very accurate when carrying out such processing. Do not allow inhalations of chemicals pets and children. If you live on the first floor, and midges get divorced in the basement and get into the dwelling through slots in floor, then it is worth addressing in house management or other company serving the house that they have solved this problem.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team