How to fight against strawberry nematode

How to fight against strawberry nematode

Nematodes are called the microscopic worms living on stalks and roots of garden wild strawberry and strawberry. It is possible to find them only when exterior of plant as these parasites break life cycle of plant changes.

How to understand that on nematode strawberry

The nematode lives in bosoms of leaves and in buds of bushes of strawberry, for one vegetative period on plant is replaced up to 8 generations of worms. On strawberry several types of nematodes can live: sheet and bundle and also gallic nematodes are the most dangerous. They are given with planting stock, seeds, berries, plant debris. The danger of nematodes is that they weaken plants, affecting their kidneys, inflorescences and roots therefore the plant becomes dwarfish, its productivity decreases.

The plants struck with nematode change: sheet plates become shallow, become ugly, irregular shape. Sheets are twisted, crinkled, become covered by brown or yellow spots. One more sign of defeat of plants nematodes – change of exterior of escapes, quite often they are shortened, thickened, there is their fusion among themselves. Peduncles become shallow, quite often become underdeveloped, take irregular shape, berries grow small or they do not appear absolutely.

Prevention from infection of plants with nematode

Increase in number of nematode falls on the spring-year period, continues until the end of July then there is temporary recession of activity of worms. There are several basic rules which will allow to avoid garden infection with nematode: For this purpose it is necessary to observe crop rotation, but it is impossible to land strawberry after onions, potatoes, peas, beet and garlic – all of them also easily are surprised these wreckers. On the site where sick plants grew, it is impossible to plant wild strawberry and strawberry within two years – the nematode in the soil remains so much. You should not buy wild strawberry seedling from casual sellers in the market. It is better to get it in specialized nurseries. If on the site plants sick with nematode were found, it is necessary to dig out immediately them and to burn outside the garden site.

Treatment methods

There are some chemical medicines for fight against nematode intended for fight against helminths ("Piperazin", is on sale in pharmacy), but they can give only temporary effect, reduce the number of parasites. After eggs leave new worms, process will continue. It is possible to use method of heat treatment. For this purpose it is necessary to dig out plant, to wash out roots from residues of soil and to submerge together with leaves in the container with hot water (+50-55os). It is necessary to sustain plants in such state within 10-15 minutes. This method is quite effective when landing seedling to beds for prevention of spread of disease. The good result is yielded by jumping on bed with wild strawberry of seedling of marigold, calendula and marigold. This way is applied to decrease in number of nematode. It is at the same time possible to spray with infusions from these plants wild strawberry bushes within 2 weeks daily. It is not so simple to get rid of nematode, it is much easier to carry out prevention of infection.

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