How to fight against the turning yellow leaves on cucumbers

How to fight against the turning yellow leaves on cucumbers

Cucumbers – very useful and nutritious vegetables on our kitchen garden. They can be eaten as fresh, and preserving for winter time. Therefore gardeners try to plant cucumbers first of all.

Cucumbers are very whimsical and demand thorough personal care. Usually they grow either in greenhouses, or in hotbeds and is very rare in the open ground. But almost right after growth it is possible to face such problem: leaves of cucumbers turn yellow. Of course, the wrong care for them or arrangement of bed can serve as the most important reason of emergence of it.

Why leaves on cucumbers turn yellow and as to fight against it

As all know, cucumbers very hygrophilous and photophilous plants. Often they grow at very dense wall, and the lower leaves lack light. It causes yellowing of the lower shoots. Also the surplus of moisture or its shortcoming can cause such phenomenon. In this case only competent care for plants will help.

Insects wreckers are one more reason of emergence of yellow leaves. The web tick or plant louse can ruin completely developing plant. Against them it is necessary to apply chemical medicines and insecticides.

Shortage of nutrients, in particular potassium. It is necessary to make fertilizing of cucumbers both mineral, and organic fertilizers in time. Under them scatter either peat, or humus. Any of these fertilizers allows to hold moisture in the soil and does not allow to evaporate. Besides, make nettle infusion. Wet greens of nettle in boiled water and leave for week. Then water with the turned-out solution at the roots of plants.

Fungal diseases of the soil can also cause spots on leaves of cucumbers that can lead further to their full dying off. Therefore before blossoming spray with special medicines against fungus. If you plant cucumbers to the greenhouse, use before landing in two weeks smoke grenade and then it is abundant water the soil with potassium permanganate solution. It will help to overcome fungal diseases.

The leaf of cucumber not always is purely green, and can whither slightly over time. It can be caused also by aging of plant. With it special ways of fight it is not thought up yet. Only the attention and care will significantly prolong life to cucumbers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team