How to fight against web flare

How to fight against web flare

Web tick – herbivorous insect, up to 0.5 mm long, brown, red or chartreuse color. He is the serious wrecker striking room and garden plants. Distinguish several species of web tick, but the most widespread is red. Methods of fight against all species of this insect practically do not differ.

It is required to you

  • - spray;
  • - magnifying glass;
  • - onions and garlic;
  • - pots for rastaneiya;
  • - soil for change;
  • - food wrap;
  • - Intravir, Fitoverm, "Carbophos";
  • - Aktofid;
  • - formalin;
  • - sulfuric candles for firing in the greenhouse;
  • - araktsida;
  • - laundry soap;
  • - fertile soil for the greenhouse;
  • - garden stock.


1. For prevention of appearance of tick on houseplants do not allow overdrying of the soil and regularly spray leaves from spray. Ticks love dry air and high temperature. Examine leaves at least once a week from the top and bottom side by means of magnifying glass. Small light spots, microscopic holes and thin web on leaves can speak about plant infection with tick.

2. Separate the infected plants from healthy. It is good if they are in different rooms. Prepare garlic and onions infusion. For this purpose crush 50 g of onions and garlic, fill in with 1 liter of water and insist within 12 hours. Filter solution and wash out all leaves of the infected plant with its help. Spray with onions and garlic solution healthy plants as prevention.

3. Examine plants in week after processing. In the presence of web and new defeats on leaves replace plant in new pot from fresh to pochvosmesye, process one of solutions: Intravir, Fitoverm or "Carbophos". Cover with food wrap, having fixed it at the basis. In two hours remove film and wash plant leaves with clear water.

4. At infection with tick of plants in the greenhouse, tear off the struck leaves and carry out processing by Aktofid. Repeat the procedure each 7 days. After the end of the period of vegetation and removal of plants from the greenhouse wash all surfaces in it with formalin solution. Replace top soil, having removed it on depth of 8-10 cm, carry out disinfecting of the greenhouse by sulfur vapors.

5. If web tick garden plants, fruit-trees and bushes on open areas are surprised, process them solution of laundry soap or araktsidama. You watch that solutions got on all sites of plant. Especially carefully make processing of the lower part of leaves. After fall down leaves, carefully collect them and burn. Before covering garden on wintering, process all bushes and fruit-trees Fitoverm solution.

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