How to fight against weeds

How to fight against weeds

There is no owner of the garden site or kitchen garden not familiar with problem of weeds. Everyone fights against them, proceeding from knowledge and the experience gained in this field, and the victory in this fight is gained by the most persistent.

Actually not so there is a lot of methods of fight against weeds. It if to mean the eco-friendly technologies invented still by great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers of modern gardeners.

There are weeds which root suffers when elevated part is cut off. The goutweed, groundsel and the mountaineer bird's belong to them, for example. The most effective way of fight against such plants – vykashivaniye. They will die the quicker, than more often to cut the grass.

It is even simpler – to pull out the second way hands if weeds have ascended on bed with cultural plants. At the same time the systematicity is necessary, and it is necessary to weed on the damp earth, roots of weed plants are so more simply pulled out. Weekly weeding - here way of destruction of the majority of species of weeds. The most hardy and malicious weeds have powerful long-term roots against which it is possible to fight only by full redigging. Naturally, with manual sample of rhizomes. At the same time it is impossible to dig shovel. It cuts roots and does two of one weed. It is necessary to dig over bed pitchfork, carefully choosing roots. It is impossible to leave the dug-over earth open at all. Or on it it is necessary to plant plants at once, or to cover with the film pressed to the earth or roofing material. It is also necessary to remember that planting of plants seedling reduces quantity of weeds in comparison with landing by seeds. Also on beds there will be less weeds if annually to change places of landing of vegetable cultures. It is necessary to plant plants as far as possible more densely to each other, leaving the place only for growth and development. Effectively in fight against weeds mulching. Anyway it is necessary to try to get rid of weeds in June before they have given seeds and have dumped them to the earth. But at first it is necessary to estimate quality of weeds in general. Weeds are useful in food or as herbs, can serve as fertilizers, improve properties of garden compost.

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