How to fight against weeds in garden and kitchen garden

How to fight against weeds in garden and kitchen garden

Weeds - the real disaster for the summer resident. However they can be defeated once and for all, applying one of the described receptions.

From where do weeds if you have completely removed them last year appear?

Seeds of weeds are brought by wind, they get with organic fertilizers or "creep" from adjoining properties. It is continuous process, however if to consider that weeds take away half of nutrients from cultural plants, reduce productivity and can even destroy them - it is necessary to fight with them. It is important to choose the way which is most suitable for you only

Ways of fight against weeds:

Mechanical method (weeding by hands or redigging)

It is the most labor-consuming way, however it is very effective. If since spring before the end of season in such a way it is obligatory to fight against weeds – effect.

The most important at this way – not to allow seeds to get on beds. If it has not turned out – to delete weeds during shoots and to put in compost. Remember that some of them can dospelyat seeds even when completely dry – in it secret of their survivability. It is possible also weeks for two before landing to dig over the soil and to close beds film. Weeds will quickly sprout, and their young sprouts can just be pulled out or removed with rake. On this bed them will be much less.

Also pay attention to weeding about fence – seeds of weeds exactly from there arrive. And kind of you fought with them, they will grow up again and again.

Chemical method (processing by herbicides)

It helps to destroy weeds forever though is not completely eco-friendly. To make this way completely safe, it is important to study the instruction of each herbicide and precisely to observe it. At least, it is necessary to close cultural plants from any herbicide, otherwise they will die too.

It is important to understand that with herbicides green plants, but not the soil spray therefore seeds can sprout again. If you decide to use this method – carefully study question.

Biological method (delay of growth of weeds)

It is designed not to allow weeds to raise, weaken them that they "have died voluntarily". One of effective ways – mulching. It helps to keep moisture and friability of the soil, and promotes that seeds of weeds perish directly in the earth, without sprouting.

It is possible to mulch the cardboard, newspapers moistened with water or organic mulchy: sawdust, needles, straw, hay, bark of trees, thin branches or mowed grass. At the end of season the mulch is collected and burned.

It is possible to apply method of push fit: to plant cultural plants so densely, as far as possible. Then they will not allow weeds to sprout.

It is also necessary to carry out crop rotation of cultures because near some plants the weeds just do not grow.

One more rule: it is better to put cultures seedling that their seeds and young shoots were not hammered with stronger and aggressive weeds.

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