How to fill in skating rink independently

How to fill in skating rink independently

Skating is one of the most favourite winter entertainments of children. As municipal authorities are not always puzzled with problem of children's leisure, the problem of how to fill in skating rink, is rather often assigned to shoulders of ordinary inhabitants. If the area in the yard allows, then to carry out process independently quite perhaps.

It is required to you

  • - Water, suitable site of the area.


1. Pick up the place for skating rink. It has to be equal therefore if the yard too small, then it is worth paying attention to nearby waste grounds taking into account that opportunity to be connected to water source, differently was row filling of skating rink by means of liquid dragging by buckets will work well hardly. It is ideal if in the yard there is ready box for sports which availability will allow to avoid process of creation of sides.

2. If there is no wooden box in the yard, make sides for skating rink independently. For this purpose it is possible to use snow or the earth. In order that water kept within the place intended for it up to freezing, the border not less than 15 cm high is required.

3. Level the area, having dug all poles for what it is possible to use snow. It will allow to receive the most equal skating rink in the yard. Surface defects will surely affect filling and will be felt when driving.

4. Choose day for the gulf of skating rink as the correct temperatures are very important. Best of all ice freezes at temperature not lower than 5 degrees of frost.

5. Be connected to water source, most often for this purpose use the hose attached to pipes in the basement. Water it is possible to use cold or to mix it from hot. There is opinion that at similar filling ice turns out more smooth.

6. Fill in the first ice layer which should not exceed several centimeters. When the skating rink freezes, create the second ice layer. At low temperatures on it only several hours therefore if to begin process in the morning, then by the evening it will be already possible to test skating rink will leave.

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