How to fill the fire extinguisher

How to fill the fire extinguisher

The fire extinguishers which are in operation have to undergo surely the technical maintenance providing constant combat readiness of fire extinguishers. Technical maintenance comprises various checks, external inspection, performance tests, necessary repair, gas station of components, charging and also check of the body on tightness and integrity of painting.


1. At recharge check the main constituent parts of the fire extinguisher: locking starting device, spray, fire extinguishing substance, body. The terms established for recharge of fire extinguishers in many respects depend on conditions of their operation and on what substance in them. All fire extinguishers have to have once a year maintenance inspection with entering of record into check card. The recharge at least time in 5 years is obligatory.

2. Dry powder extinguishers: at annual survey surely check pressure on the manometer; selectively sort (3% of all number of one brand of fire extinguishers are subject to analysis); make check of key parameters of powder for ognetusheniye (on exterior, on availability of lumps, on flowability, possibility of destruction to dust-like condition of small lumps if to drop them from 20 cm, humidity of powder and its dispersion). If at least one of above-mentioned parameters of powder does not conform to requirements of technical and standard documentation, it is necessary to recharge all fire extinguishers of this brand.

3. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers: when passing annual maintenance inspection by weighing check cylinder for leakage of CO2 if the mass of carbonic acid has decreased more than for 5% - the fire extinguisher it is necessary to recharge (NPB 155-96). Time in 5 years the fire extinguishers carbon dioxide have to undergo full engineering certification and obligatory recharge.

4. Air and foam it is necessary to recharge fire extinguishers surely once a year. It is forbidden to make gas station of cylinders at which: the term of engineering certification has expired, the body of cylinder has damages, mechanisms are faulty, necessary coloring is broken and there are no inscriptions, are not read or there are no brands.

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