How to fill the pool

How to fill the pool

Pleasantly in hot summer day to enjoy bathing. But not everyone has opportunity to leave on the nature to open reservoir. The inflatable pool allows to solve this problem with success, besides, in case of need it can be removed or moved to other place.

It is required to you

  • - air pump;
  • - compact and easy inflatable pool.


1. Preparation of the area for installation of the inflatable pool. Choose the flat platform suitable by the sizes where you are going it to arrange. If it is necessary, remove from it sharp stones, branches, glasses and other objects which can damage pool cover. Will put on the prepared site the sheet of tarpaulin for additional protection against damages. If it is necessary, tighten to the pool electric carrying for connection of any electrical equipment which is built in the pool.

2. Surely attentively read the instruction in which it is specified, the air pump how exactly has to be connected to the pool for filling of its designs with air. Try to use only the brands recommended by the producer and models of air pumps. According to the instruction, connect air feed hose to the pool, and air pump - to power supply.

3. Begin to pump up the pool air. You monitor indications of the manometer. Do not leave the operating pump unguarded. Try not to exceed the maximum air pressure recommended in the instruction. If you pump up the pool much, it can lead to stratification of seams of materials of which it is made. If you pump up not enough air, then walls will not develop the necessary strength and will not be able to hold necessary amount of water. After you pump up air, disconnect air hose and close air valve stopper which the manufacturer delivers in set. Disconnect air pump from power supply and remove carrying from the pool to exclude possibility of defeat by electric current.

4. Pour water to the pool. For this purpose you can use the watering hose connected to water supply system or to the submersible pump installed in water well. Try not to pour it much. If necessary wait when water a little gets warm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team