How to fill water meter readings

How to fill water meter readings

Water counters – effective remedy to save on utility payments. Costs of their installation pay off in the first months of use. However to pay on counters, it is necessary to report correctly indications in community services. How does it need to be done?


1. Provide meter readings in UZhKH monthly without fail. It becomes, as a rule, on reverse side of the account notice brought to you in the special fields allocated for this information. Meter readings of cold water of the bathroom, the counter of hot water of the bathroom are specified and if is – that counters of hot and cold water of kitchen. In some cities it is possible to report data from counters only by phone or online. At information transfer through worldwide network, specify nine-digit number of personal account which is specified receipts, for example, 110120990.

2. It is necessary to specify only the current indications in the form. Information on the last months, the volume of the actual use of water it is not necessary to write. If on counters it is more than five digits to the left of comma, then only the last 5 digits to comma are specified. Everything that is after comma, should not be entered.

3. If you live in the communal flat, then it is enough to submit one account notice from all living space. Then data will be divided into the number of the registered residents. If in the apartment lives more or less people, than it is registered, it is necessary to report about it in UZhKH in advance.

4. Fill out data most clear and it is legible. If they are indistinct, indistinct, overstep the bounds of fields or contain corrections, then they will be considered as invalid, and for calculation of payment the average standards of consumption established in your city will be used. As a rule, this value is much more of that which is shown by counters therefore surely provide data not to pay more.

5. If the counter is for some reason faulty, report about it in UZhKH. For calculation of payment for water average indications for the last 6 months will be used, and the counter in month will need to be repaired or replaced. After repair the counter has to be sealed by representatives of municipal service again.

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