How to find air suction

How to find air suction

Many motorists already faced problem of search of suction of air. Without the special equipment this process turns into labor-intensive process. Of course, there is opportunity to address to service, but who does not dream to understand everything, without assistance, and to independently reanimate the car?


1. Acquisition of the modern assistant to the motorist – smoke generator can become one of solutions of this pressing problem. But whether it should be trusted and how it works? Let's try to deal with this modern device.

2. The principle of work is extremely simple. Connection of the device is carried out via storage batteries with use of "crocodile" terminals, and then via the quick-detachable connector the smoke generator is brought to the air compressor. The system subject to diagnostics is filled with smoke and at survey the suction of air is found instantly.

3. On outer side the smoke generator has the illuminated indicator signaling the owner about the found air suctions. It is also worth noting that the set for work with smoke generator contains adapter kit for connection to the specific systems of the vehicle.

4. Smoke generators are capable to test many systems of the car. The engine and transmission, conditioning system and coolings, fuel and vacuum systems concern them. Liquid which is used in smoke generator for direct creation of smoke is harmless to respiratory and any other system of the person and also will not do much harm to your car.

5. It is also worth noting that the special dye which is present at this liquid serves for search of the smallest leaks which can be visualized with application of ultraviolet. Now you know way how to find air suction point, but we wish that this problem has never concerned you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team