How to find flat keys

How to find flat keys

Search of the keys lost in the apartment can take several hours, and even after that not to be crowned with success. The sound charm will help to facilitate this work. It reacts to high-frequency sound and answers it with faltering signal.


1. Having got sound charm, put on all keys its ring, or rearrange on it already available. If batteries are delivered in separate compartment of packing, rearrange them in battery compartment of charm, observing polarity. If they are already installed there, extend through slot in compartment cover the plastic uvula disconnecting chain. From this point the device is ready to work.

2. Check how the sound charm works. Get up at distance in two-three meters from it and loudly whistle. If you are not able to whistle, use whistle, hand bell (the it is less, the better). Rather loud musical instrument can approach if to play on it high note. The charm has to answer each signal with faltering peep or series of trills.

3. Check thus operability of the device at least each half a year. If it begins to react to high-frequency sounds uncertainly, or at all will stop working, replace in it batteries. Use, depending on its model, three or four AG13 elements. They are similar that they are used in the cheapest laser pointers. At their installation observe polarity. Hand over the used elements in the collection points which are available at many MISINFORMATION.

4. If the charm with keys was lost within the apartment, make high-frequency sound in any way described above in turn in each of rooms, in the hall, kitchen. In case to define aurally from where the response was heard, it was not possible, repeat attempt until keys are not.

5. The sound charm can be adapted also for search of other often lost pieces, for example, of the remote controller from the TV. For this purpose stick together among themselves the body of both devices so that in them it was still possible to change batteries, and neither buttons of the remote controller, nor opening of the microphone and the sound emitter of charm have been blocked (quite often they are combined in the form of the uniform piezoelectric converter having reversibility).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team