How to find houses ring

How to find houses ring

The ring can accidentally fly from finger or unexpectedly abyss from the usual place. The best way to find houses ring – to forget about it, after a while it, most likely, will be revealed. But if it is necessary to find ring urgently, do not lose minutes.

It is required to you

  • - cleaning;
  • - frequent hairbrush or brush;
  • - metal detector.


1. Remember where you last time saw ring. Try to recollect route of the movements since the moment when the ring still was in the public eye and before loss detection. If ring you last time for a long time, just think over the most probable places of its stay.

2. Carry out thorough cleaning of suspicious places. Do not use the vacuum cleaner at all – comb all carpets and sofa upholstery frequent hairbrush or rigid brush. From the place of loss gradually expand search, doing not pass nothing even if it seems that "it is definitely not here". Quite perhaps, exactly there it will also appear.

3. Pay special attention to upholstery of sofas, bed linen, plaids, etc. Shake out all blankets, get all cushions – very often small objects sink down between pillow and armrest, or pillow and back. Besides, glance in pillowcases and blanket covers.

4. Surely look under cabinets, under sofas, under bedside tables and other furniture. Thanks to rounded shape the ring perfectly slides, it easily could be left for several meters from the place of loss.

5. Buy or ask the metal detector for friends. The metal detector with opportunity to switch filters is very convenient. For example, if you have to find the Golden Ring – just install the corresponding filter, and it will look for only products from this metal.

6. Remember whether any of acquaintances came to you. Do not exclude even relatives – they could take it, twist in hands, stand out in front of the mirror and forget to remove. Perhaps, someone has just shifted it to other place or has accidentally put in pocket. If it has occurred not deliberately, the ring to you will be surely returned. At the same time, rather you address this person, the it is more than chances of happy end.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team