How to find loss in the house

How to find loss in the house

Quite often people lose things in own house. And this thing, as ill luck would have it, is lost when it is necessary most of all. Now there are many ways and councils how to find the gone thing, and has quite well proved the pendulum for this purpose.

It is required to you

  • - pendulum;
  • - the patience because it is quite difficult to work with the pendulum in stress condition, is even impossible.


1. Pick up the pendulum and make several quiet breaths and exhalations. Relax body and try to calm down. Do not panic because of the lost thing – sooner or later it will be, and the pendulum will help you with it.

2. Ask the pendulum the question allowing to determine by the answer whether really lost thing is in the house. There is also it that you left subject of search somewhere in other place, for example, on the street, but now do not remember it. It is possible to look for subject, even being far from it. Here it is important to ask the correct questions. If the thing indeed is in the house, then the answer will be affirmative.

3. Continue to ask the pendulum questions which will define more specifically location in the house of the lost thing. Set until loss is not. You can find out at first in what it is to the room, and to further continue search without pendulum.

4. During the procedure of search keep calm. The excessive activity can prevent to focus on the pendulum and to notice its movement. Except the offered method of search you can use another.

5. Pick up the pendulum and slowly bypass with it all house, coming into each room. You monitor the movement of the pendulum. When you begin to approach required subject, it will begin to be shaken strongly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team