How to find puncture in air mattress

How to find puncture in air mattress

Air mattresses have strongly entered life of the modern person: they are irreplaceable on the beach, tourists for lodging for the night in tents use them, it is a lot of advantages and at inflatable furniture. These products are convenient, comfortable, inexpensive and mobile. The only minus of rubber mattresses can be considered the fact that they are easily damaged, and punctures can not always be found with ease.

It is required to you

  • - water;
  • - bowl or bathtub;
  • - foam sponge;
  • - soap, shower gel, powder or shampoo;
  • - marker or soft felt-tip pen;
  • - flour;
  • - pump.


1. The first way of detection of punctures is suitable for small mattresses. Inflate product by means of the pump, but it is not too strong. Fill capacity with water, so that in it the mattress could drown.

2. Submerge in water mattress completely. If the product does not get into the prepared capacity, blow off it slightly, accurately lay in bathtub and only after that pump up to the necessary state.

3. Observe mattress some time. In process of air release it will plunge into water more and more considerably, and in the place of puncture small air bubbles will appear. Under water attentively study the place of puncture – except it there can be some more small openings. Mark damage by marker or felt-tip pen. Without blowing off mattress, take out it from water and patch break.

4. If you have big mattress which is inconvenient for lowering in water, use the second way to find puncture. Gather water in bowl, add shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap or powder and shake up dense foam.

5. Gather the turned-out foam on foam sponge and apply it on mattress surface. Wait a little, air bubbles will not begin to be formed yet, thanks to dense penalty fee they will be very well noticeable. If bubbles do not appear, turn mattress other party and repeat the procedure.

6. If it is difficult to carry out all above-mentioned ways, for example, at the big size of product or velor surface on which soap solution badly foams, then it is possible to find puncture in air mattress the following method. Sprinkle dry surface with flour or mustard powder and attentively examine product – in the place of puncture substance will be blown off. To clean mattress from flour, use the normal vacuum cleaner.

7. Accurately you bring the lighter or the lit match to mattress in different places – leak of air in the place of puncture will blow slightly into flame. The listed methods can be used for search of punctures on lifebuoys and inflatable toys.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team