How to find roof

How to find roof

The roof is the most expensive part at construction of the house. It is possible to save on wall material and on interior finish, but not on roofing materials in any way. The roof acts as the chief defender of the house. The safety and also durability of all building in general fully depends on its reliability.


1. Most often for finishing of roof use slate. It is the most widespread and democratic material. It should be noted that slate is many years the parent roofing material in the country. For production of slate use cement and asbestos fiber. Now slate can be met various coloring. Besides, the sheet of slate can be the different length and width and also can have various number of waves. This roofing material serves about 40 years.

2. Roofing steel enjoys wide popularity for finishing of roof. This material acts as the strong contender to slate. Roofing steel has very acceptable cost. The most important difference from slate is that by means of roofing steel any complexity can execute mounting of roof with geometry practically. Galvanized steel can be applied to installation of eaves overhangs, valley gutters, valleys and wall trenches.

3. Now generally the roof is covered with galvanized steel which from two parties has covering zinc. The zinc layer fully protects steel from corrosion. For this time generally the roof is covered with galvanized steel which on both sides is covered with layer of the zinc protecting it from corrosion. Most often the sheets of roofing steel having thickness about 0.5 millimeters meet. Such roof serves about 20 years.

4. To make expensive, elegant and durable roof, it is necessary to use sheets of copper roofing. Very many people think that copper is to the soft, easily giving in different changes, material. It is possible to argue with it. Copper roof covering practically does not have shortcomings. This material can be carried to the most low-oxidized metals. By means of this roofing material it is possible to turn into reality practically any design imaginations.

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