How to find the flatmate

How to find the flatmate

If you look for the young neighbor, do it in the progressive way – online, newspapers. If the pensioner – conservative: sticking announcements and communicating with grandmothers on small benches at entrance.

Throw call

It is possible to throw call among acquaintances, to give advertizing on the Internet. With the flatmate you should live closely and, it is desirable, peacefully. Therefore make the friendly and colourful announcement. Designate characteristics which your neighbor has to possess. For example, has to love animals, not smoke and not come late. Or has to look after your cat on holiday and to be not against noisy parties. Describe yourself and your apartment, attach photos.

Free of charge it is possible to select neighbors on social networks "Feysbuk", "VKontakte". Type in the search box "Rent of rooms, apartments" and find the corresponding subject in drop-down list of communities. Place the announcement "I look for the neighbor", laconically describe conditions, attach the photo of the room and do not forget the. Surely bring order to the room before taking its picture. For giving of luster place vases with the flowers and fruit, place couple of nice pillows on sofa. It is not obligatory for you to live in purity and order, but the mountain of dirty ware and socks which are looking out from under bed can frighten off the potential neighbor.

It is also possible to use the "Avito" websites. Same algorithm: post your announcement of search in the section "Rent".

Carefully: agencies!

If you have familiar agent from real estate agency, ask it to propose to lonely lessees your candidacy as the neighbor. Perhaps, it is necessary to reward a little it for services. And here you should not address at random to unfamiliar firm: among agents the passion to profit is so widespread that you will be sorry about this step for a long time. For example, you will be brought in the base and regularly filled up with SMS and calls with "tempting" offers. Or in the mercenary purposes will publish your data on third-party sites of rent, and you will be called several months also from them.

Habitats of neighbors

Declare at work, to acquaintances and relatives your search. Briefly describe your requirements and the offer. Promise sweet prize to the one who will find to you the neighbor. Look for where your potential neighbor can live. If you need the student, hang up announcements near higher education institutions and hostels, and call with inquiry student's trade-union committee better. Sometimes in student's newspapers there is special section for search of neighbors / neighbors. It is also possible to ask about the help the watchwoman of the hostel – usually they it is aware of all problems of the wards and can advise someone. If you look for the pensioner – it is possible to hang up the announcement near "Social security", mail and shops like Pyaterochka. Print beautiful bright leaflets on the printer and ask the neighbour's boy couple of days to distribute them at the subway. Also try to leave a few leaflets everywhere where you are: in locker room of fitness club, in toilet of favourite cafe and between pages of library books. Think whether you have lonely acquaintances? Try to entice them to yourself on profitable terms.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team