How to find water on the site

How to find water on the site

Article will help you to define correctly the place where there is water on your seasonal dacha.

It is required to you

  • Aluminum wire, observation of plants and animals, branch of guelder-rose or filbert.


1. There are 4 most often applied national methods for water search: 1) In the first case the search is carried out by means of indication, this option has received the name of method of biolocation.2) In the second case water is looked for, watching plants - indicators.3) the Third is characteristic observation as animals, birds, insects.4 behave) Observation of natural signs.

2. For water search by indication method we will need aluminum wire or branch in the form of fork from guelder-rose, filbert, willow. From aluminum wire we produce two pieces which length is the 30-40th. Further we bend to them the ends through 10 centimeters, and we insert them into wooden tubes so that they freely turned. We pick up these pieces. In the beginning search they are unrolled on the horizon by 180 degrees. We begin to move on the site. In the location of water the pieces will be closed towards current of water. When we pass this place, wire will disperse in the parties. We designate the place where pieces have connected and we pass, having parted them perpendicularly. If they connect and keep so any time at once, then we have found the direction of underground waters. In case of deviation of pro-reducing dies it is necessary to look for aside again the place where they will connect. In that point there will also be water source.

3. Search of underground water can be conducted, watching plants. They as indicators, specify to us the place of its stay. There where there is close bedding of water vegetation brighter and juicy. In ancient times as reference point of proximity of underground waters served the willow. It is also noticed that the sorrel grows in places, great for digging of well, too.

4. Watching behavior of animals, people have noticed: When the dog wants to drink, she digs the earth in the place where has felt water. Geese try to lay eggs where water veins are crossed. Mosquitoes and midges when the sun sets curl columns in places where underground there is water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team