How to finish ceiling in wooden house

How to finish ceiling in wooden house

Often for finishing of ceiling in wooden house the wooden rail or lining is used. This method of finishing is the most popular. However the beginning master should carry out some preparatory work.

The ceiling in wooden house trimmed with lining will help to warm in addition the house and to strengthen sound insulation. Heat preservation will allow to lower costs of the electrical and heating equipment.

Preparation for finishing of ceiling the hands

Finishing of ceiling in wooden house surely requires bar for forming of framework and lining from pine. It is necessary to consider that lining is made only of solid wood. On one party of rail the groove, and on another - thorn is milled. Such design allows to adjust rails very densely to each other.

The most economic material for rails the pine is considered. Their width at the same time should not be less than 150 mm. Just very narrow reechka are applied only to finishing of walls. It is possible to find rails of classes A, B in sale and S. Takzhe exists class Extra material. But it will be required to be ordered from the supplier previously. By the way the material prepared for finishing of ceiling has to be well dried. So upon purchase it is necessary to check the certificate for lining. For production of framework it is necessary to use bar from coniferous breeds of tree with the section 60 x 60 mm.

Marking of the horizontal plane of ceiling

For marking of the ceiling plane it is necessary to use water or hydrolevel. At first on walls marks are given. At the same time it is the best of all to be guided by bar height for furring. Then tags on walls need to be connected on room perimeter. Most often for such purposes painting otbivochny thread is used.

Mounting of framework the hands

In the course of mounting under bar it is possible to stack special wooden bars which will help to observe the level noted on walls. For this purpose on the level of ceiling it will be required to pull perpendicular cords. As for vapor barrier, it has to be laid on framework by strips. Usually strips attach the stapler to wooden elements of framework. And the vapor barrier surely keeps within with overlap 10 cm on the previous strip. After laying it will be required to paste joints bilateral adhesive tape longwise.

Lining mounting

Mounting of lining requires finishing nail 40 mm long. From the very first board which you will stack it is necessary to remove thorn with plane. If not to make it, it will not be blocked by plinth. The first and last boards fasten finishing nails to the bearing bar. The first rail needs to be fixed in addition on all its length on groove. Respectively the second board is inserted into groove of the first and likewise attached by nails to bar. By the way for closer contact of board it is recommended to tap the hammer. After completion of mounting of wooden rails surely it will be required to process ceiling surface antiseptic solution.

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