How to finish verandah

How to finish verandah

The verandah is enclosed space which can perform functions of recreation area, the dining room, etc. Not important, what it designs: built in (continuation of the house is kind of and is under construction along with it) and attached (it is constructed after construction of the house), the main thing, is correct to make finishing. Then the verandah will be not only functional, but also comfortable.

It is required to you

  • - construction materials;
  • - fixture;
  • - tools.


1. At first decide how you will use verandah: as the living room, office, the summer kitchen, etc. whether you will heat it or not how many are ready to spend for improvement of this room. It is no secret, that the price often influences the choice of construction materials for finishing.

2. Think over registration of interior. Think up the own project or use ready which you will be able to find in the Internet or specialized magazines, books on design. Approximately calculate the necessary amount of construction materials.

3. In order that you could use the front room as the additional living room, it should be warmed. It can be done as outside of the room, and from within. Attach insulating material (mineral wool, expanded polystyrene, etc.) to wall by means of brackets or nails with wide hats.

4. If you carry out works on warming outside – over thermal insulation, by means of wooden bars fix water-proof and wind-shelter material and only then sheathe walls siding. At internal warming on mineral wool put paroizolyatsionny material, for example, aluminum foil. Then make wood furring. Do not forget to warm floor and ceiling (if the verandah is attached).

5. Then start interior finish of the room. Indoors you can close warm and paroizolyatsionny material sheets of gypsum cardboard or lining. In other case ground surfaces, and then plaster and putty. Cover floor with material on your discretion, for example, linoleum, tile, plywood, etc. Board ceiling, gypsum cardboard, etc. At the last stage of finishing paint surfaces the color chosen by you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team