How to fit foam rubber

How to fit foam rubber

Upholstered furniture takes the worthy place house interior. Over time, however, the upholstery wears out, seats are pressed through. It is possible to buy new furniture, of course. But it is better to save and try to draw old independently.

It is required to you

  • - foam mats;
  • - canvas;
  • - furniture stapler;
  • - brackets to the stapler;
  • - screw-driver;
  • - combination pliers;
  • - scissors;
  • - thread;
  • - needle.


1. For example, you have decided to draw old sofa. For a start get upholstery and filler. Foam mats differ on thickness, density and rigidity. These parameters need to be considered as filler life cycle depends on them. Smaller density assumes big tendency to coloring and deformation. And the elasticity and wear resistance depends on rigidity. For seat and backs mats which thickness not less than 40 mm are necessary. For sidewalls 20 mm there are enough. Foam rubber density - 25-30 units. Rigidity of mats for seats - up to 46 units. Except upholstery fabric and foam rubber you will need also canvas.

2. Sort sofa. The upholstery of sidewalls fastens in the lower part metal brackets. Take them by means of the screw-driver and flat-nose pliers, pull together upholstery. Under it there is layer from foam rubber. Remove it from sidewall. Remove the remained brackets.

3. If you want to give to sidewalls volume, take the sheet of foam rubber from 20 to 40 mm thick. Put on it sidewall so that its inside has appeared from above. Make pattern. Foam rubber has to cover all face side and internal from top before sitting of sofa. Make allowance - 70-80 mm from each face. Impose foam rubber on sidewall. Pull, turn, fix from faces by means of the furniture stapler. Then fix it in the lower part front, and then inside. From above lay canvas so that it closed foam rubber completely.

4. Remove old upholstery from seat. Take out filler. Lay dense fabric on the spring block. Strong thread attach it in several places to springs. Across frame lay at first layer of rigid, and then soft foam rubber. Fix it at first on lobby, then, pulling, on back part of frame, and then on each side. From above fit canvas. Then start upholstery.

5. For upholstery of back of sofa use only soft foam rubber. Fix it in upper part of frame. Cut off on edge of the spring block that between seat and back there was gap. Further put canvas layer, then put on cover from upholstery fabric.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team