How to fix anchor bolt

How to fix anchor bolt

The anchor plays very important role irrespective of, it is construction what element – the machine installed on concrete floor or the boltsevy ladder fixed on wall. It provides communication with the basis and if this communication is fragile, the construction is threatened by destruction what strong from within it would not be. For reliability the anchor should be established, observing certain technology.


1. The chemical anchor is very strong and reliable. It can be established in any material: brick, stone, foam mortar, tree and so forth. As its fastening is carried out by means of glue, it not only does not weaken the basis to which fastens, but in many cases does it even stronger. For installation of anchor drill opening of the necessary diameter on necessary depth. Clean it by means of brush ruff, blow the pump or pear.

2. Fill on 2/3 opening with glue mix – epoxy or polymeric resin. Container with glue (cartridge) can be issued differently – the syringe, tube, etc. Also ways of mixing of components of glue differ. What would not be option of execution of the glue cartridge, you need to act strictly according to the instruction attached to product.

3. Establish by rotational motion anchor in opening on full depth. Remove glue drips from the basis. Available time of anchor for perception of loading depends on glue grade, it is specified in the instruction. After the specified time to anchor it is possible to fix any design.

4. Mechanical anchors are established without glue. The principle of their action is based on wedging of the sleeve of anchor in opening thanks to what reliable fixing in the basis is reached it. Drill and clean opening how it has been described above. Through the mounted part insert into opening wedge anchor and kill him by means of the hammer - so far the nut will not rest against the fixed part. Tighten nut with necessary (but not excessive) effort. As a result of inhaling the end of anchor wedges the sleeve and is reliably fixed in opening.

5. Ways of wedging can be various. If for this purpose there is special rod inserted in anchor then after installation of bolt hammer this rod into opening with blows of the hammer inside. Thereby you will wedge the sleeve and will record anchor in opening.

6. To establish wedge anchor with internal thread, the special purpose tool – the rod similar to center punch or small beards is required. After establish anchor in opening, place this tool inside and blows of the hammer wedge the sleeve. Then remove center punch small beards and wrap mounting screw in threaded hole of anchor.

7. The so-called frame anchor has two wedged zones – in the basis and in the fixed part. Hammer frame anchor into the basis through the fixed part. Wrap the screw with necessary effort. At the same time in the beginning it will be wedged lower, being in the basis, part of anchor, then top, being in part. As a result the last will be strongly attached to the basis.

8. To use purchased products very conveniently – especially in case it is necessary to establish large number of anchors. However if necessary it is possible to fix strongly in any basis and the self-made device – bolt or rod of any kind.

9. Drill opening with a diameter at 1-2 mm more, than diameter of anchor. Well clean opening from crumbs and dust. Fill opening half or slightly more epoxy resin or putty with hardener. Establish by rotational motion and easy blows of the hammer anchor in opening. Remove pitch drips. After a while, when epoxy resin a little (but not up to the end) will harden, level it around anchor aflush with the basis. It is possible to use such anchor approximately in a day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team