How to fix cabinet to wall

How to fix cabinet to wall

The hinged cabinet is the practical decision for small rooms, especially kitchens and bathrooms. Suspending cabinet, it is necessary to consider the fact that gradually the piece of furniture will become heavier at the expense of contents therefore installation works need to be carried out especially carefully.

It is required to you

  • - perforator;
  • - hammer drill;
  • - hammer;
  • - drill on concrete with a diameter of 6 mm;
  • - butt hinges;
  • - screws of 4х40 mm in size;
  • - dowels of 6х35 mm in size;
  • - drill on tree of 2.5 mm;
  • - mounting rail;
  • - anchors for gypsum cardboard.


1. Fasten butt hinges to cabinets. For this purpose apply butt hinge to the top corner of back wall so that the opening intended for screw was located behind the upper edge. Then note pencil and drill opening, having used drill on tree in face of chipboard. Apply loops and fix them by screws on the cabinet body by means of the screw driver or the screw-driver.

2. From floor or ceiling measure distance at which the cabinet will be located, note places of fastenings, check correctness of marking by means of the level or suspension.

3. Connect the perforator or the hammer drill and drill two planned openings in wall drill on concrete. You drill not at right angle to wall, and having inclined drill from top to down at a small angle.

4. By means of the hammer hammer dowels into openings. Twist screws in dowels not up to the end, and hang up cabinet to wall. Before hanging up cabinet on wall, take out from it regiments and remove doors.

5. If not really dimensional cabinets have to hang nearby, connect them among themselves before hanging on wall. It can be done, having used screw which will pull together the next walls of cabinets.

6. To fix cabinet to wall from gypsum cardboard, use special fastenings – anchors plasterboard. They consist of the steel sleeve welded by nut on its end and the screw which has metric thread. In turn, the sleeve collar with two thorns will prevent scrolling when mounting. Twirl the screw to wall by means of drill, and sleeve edges at the same time will develop, providing reliable connection of the fixed element with plasterboard wall.

7. In case it is necessary to hang up several suspended cabinets, use metal mounting bar. By means of its suspension fix furniture, having used drill. They will allow to adjust not only height, but also distance from wall, and loading will be distributed evenly on all wall.

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