How to fix dowel for gypsum cardboard

How to fix dowel for gypsum cardboard

The plasterboard wall differs from normal, and for fixing on it of shelves or lockers it is necessary to use special dowels. A lot of things depend on what weight of the fixed element, the wrong calculation can lead to the fact that the hinged cabinet will fall, having pulled out piece of plasterboard wall.

It is required to you

  • - self-tapping screw;
  • - dowel self-tapping screw;
  • - dowel butterfly;
  • - spring dowel;
  • - screw-driver;
  • - screw driver;
  • - drill.


1. To fix easy photoframe or shelf from plywood twist the normal self-tapping screw by means of the screw driver.

2. If you need to hang up not really heavy subject on gypsum cardboard, prepare dowel self-tapping screws. Use the normal screw driver or the screw-driver and twirl this self-tapping screw in the planned place, as a rule, it easily is twisted in sheets of any thickness. However, if thickness of sheets more than 15 mm, previously drill opening. The different length dowel self-tapping screws provided in shops allows to pick up such size that he did not act from reverse side of leaf.

3. To receive more reliable fastening in plasterboard wall, buy dowel butterfly in hardware store. From reverse side of leaf it when twisting will reveal and forms emphasis. At first drill opening in wall of the same diameter as dowel.

4. Insert butterfly, but not up to the end, leave couple of millimeters to have opportunity to hold dowel combination pliers or flat-nose pliers. Gradually twist the screw (if use the screw driver, include the smallest turns).

5. Wait for the moment when "butterfly" begins to open wings, and press dowel up to the end into opening, having removed combination pliers (it will not be turned any more). Further accurately twist the screw and when already it absolutely ceases to be scrolled, make some more turns.

6. To hang up heavy chandelier on plasterboard ceiling, use folding spring dowel. Drill opening in plasterboard design (diameter is specified in the instruction to fixture), clamp hand folding wings of dowel and push it in opening.

7. When wings reach emptiness from reverse side of leaf, thanks to spring mechanism they will reveal and will reliably fix fixture. Twirl the screw to necessary situation with the help of the screw-driver or the screw driver.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team