How to fix fishing line on the coil

How to fix fishing line on the coil

At acquisition of the new coil for spinning or just when replacing old the loess on the coil it is necessary to perform number of operations, observing certain order and the sequence.


1. Fix the coil to spinning fishing-rod. You should not reel up before installation on the coil fishing line because in this case you risk to receive its complication, beards, formation of spirals. The correct winding has to be made on the coil which is previously installed on spinning.

2. Stretch fishing line through guide rings of spinning. For this purpose take the reel with fishing line and stretch the free end of fishing line through the smallest, top ring of spinning, miss through the following and so further until the free end of fishing line does not reach the coil spool. Miss fishing line in such sequence, beginning "with the end" fishing-rods. It will allow to make high-quality winding. Having reached the coil, fix fishing line, having created special loop which is put on the spool on its end and drags on at fishing line tension.

3. Provide small resistance when winding to avoid twisting of fishing line. The reel with fishing line is got on pencil. Invite the assistant who will hold this reel with fishing line. For creation of resistance it is possible to use also other methods, for example, having put the reel in pocket. Today there are also special devices for winding of fishing line on the spinning coil which are on sale in shop. They allow to regulate resistance when winding fishing line on the coil. You should not create also too big resistance since it can lead to creation of loops too.

4. Open handle of lesoukladyvatel and tie fishing line to the spool. For this purpose on its end create long loop and put on it the coil so that the loop dragged on at tension. Then slowly reel up fishing line on the coil. You make winding of fishing line slow turns of the spool, fishing line in the course of winding have to be slightly tense.

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