How to fix floorboards

How to fix floorboards

The wooden floor in the house is great advantage to health. That floor was reliable, did not creak and was not deformed over time, when mounting it is necessary to consider not only the sizes of boards and spacing of joists, but also features of processing of sawn timber.

It is required to you

  • — slaked lime, bucket, brush, water;
  • — standard floorboard;
  • — hacksaw, plane, hammer;
  • — nails of 40 — 50 mm.


1. Apply thick layer of limewashing on the prepared frame furring. For this purpose use brush and solution of lime. It is necessary for protection of tree against insects.

2. Measure spacing of joists of floor design. If the distance between them does not exceed 80-100 cm, then use floorboard 15 cm thick.

3. Measure length for laying of the first board. Measure this distance on floorboard and, having used hacksaw, cut off excess length. Surely try on the first board, and check whether it approaches on all sites of floor, moving and controlling possible gap at wall. The gap should not exceed 1.0-1.5 cm.

4. You have made template, now prepare on it some more boards and open with lime layer that party which will be in the bottom of covering.

5. After preparatory stage start direct fastening of boards. Laying of the first board has to happen across frame furring and so that the face with convex groove has been unrolled to you.

6. After laying of the first board through convex face ("folder") to supporting beam nail up it. If you, except for marginal supporting beams have two and more intermediate, then it is not obligatory to fix floorboard at the edges. Consider that the nail head has to be behind groove of the second board completely. The following board needs to be inserted at first into groove and to tap on all length of face, for minimization of slot between them.

7. Continue to fix floorboards by analogy with very first, you will not close all floor yet.

8. If the last board does not approach on width, make measurement of the required width, and, having used hacksaw and plane, remove excess part of product.

9. Install plinth and process covering paints, varnishes or lay linoleum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team