How to fix gypsum cardboard

How to fix gypsum cardboard

Screws with round hat are intended for fastening of gypsum cardboard to wooden overlapping. The fact is that they are quite reliable. Fastenings will not "be pushed out" and depart from surface over time. If you use construction gun for work, then surely stock up with special screws for gypsum cardboard.


1. If the wall has loading no more than 6 kg on 1 sq.m, then there is no need to make additional strengthening of design. Fastening is given on unary framework from special profiles. If you want to hang up bookshelves on partitions, then it is the best of all to increase gypsum cardboard thickness and also framework. If the partition is affected by loading in 150 kg/sq.m, then it is necessary to be engaged in installation of special complex which consists of the strengthened frames and traverses. The last option is usually used in bathroom to the room. The fact is that in this room load of walls very big as there is various sanitary equipment.

2. That well ceilings. In order that to hammer them, you will need the special hammer for gypsum cardboard. It differs only in roundish head. With its help it is possible to drown nails slightly under the surface of gypsum cardboard. On this place there will be small deepening. The paper covering of the core of gypsum cardboard will not be damaged. During the further works this deepening will be filled with construction mix.

3. Nails are recommended to be hammered through each 15 centimeters. However it can be insufficiently if giposkarton has big thickness. If you have special purpose tool, then gypsum cardboard by means of screws, but not nails is the best of all to fix. For example, electric screwdriver it is possible to wrap the screw so that it has left under the surface of gypsum cardboard. They need to be rolled through each 30 centimeters. If you have accidentally incorrectly twisted the screw, then it is not necessary to try to pull out it from gypsum cardboard. On this place as a result there will be hole. It is necessary to wrap it more deeply that there was no ledge over surface.

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