How to fix horizontal bar

How to fix horizontal bar

Pullings up - one of the most effective exercises which allows not only to keep sportswear, but also at regular trainings to get beautiful torso. If you have decided suit houses the personal gym, installation of horizontal bar will be the first and important step in this case. If you have faced problems during mounting, there is number of ways as to eliminate them or to avoid.


1. Choose the place for horizontal bar. It is necessary to fix the exercise machine at the level of outstretched arms, and from 10-15 by centimetric stock from above for the head. Choose strong load bearing wall, but not wooden and not concrete. The first will crack sooner or later, the second will collapse after 2-3 weeks of classes.

2. Determine the necessary length of horizontal bar. Measure distance between walls and begin to unscrew side holders. It is necessary to unscrew them on half-centimeter less, than you namerit. After that substitute horizontal bar on its future place and begin to unscrew further. Ask somebody about the help as to one quickly, and, above all directly to make it rather difficult.

3. Try to use small wooden bars. If there is not enough length, she can be ""taken"" at the expense of accessory materials. Take wooden bar and enclose it in the right place. If you densely press horizontal bar both parties, it will fasten and please quite reliably you.

4. Buy the holder for horizontal bar. If installation of horizontal bar pipe in your apartment is impossible, you can either make, or buy special support to which the horizontal bar on wall will fasten. In shop the similar tool can be bought practically in any sports department.

5. Take two iron beams and weld them on metal base which will be mounted on wall if you have decided to make the holder. Drill two openings at the edges of horizontal bar and the holder so that they coincided. Everything that remains to you - it is to insert bolts into the turned-out openings and to record horizontal bar. The holder is fastened to any strong wall.

6. If you are not sure of wall durability, you should not begin classes with ""kinks on horizontal bar"", try couple of days to begin to be brought up, having just put hands on the exercise machine, without preliminary push. If the design does not give sign, will strong stand still, can freely use horizontal bar.

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