How to fix klyammer

How to fix klyammer

Klyammer (klyaymer) – metal bracket, plate, the clip which is applied to fastening of various compound construction elements. Generally klyammer are applied during the fastening of external facades, battening down, etc.


1. Structurally the klyammer represents rectangular plate with difficult profile, openings for fastening and the bent uvulas which hold front elements. Klyammera are separated into starting and ordinary. Privates have 4 uvulas conveniently to fix facade panels next to each other. Starting klyammer have two uvulas and are established at the edges of front surface, from above, from below and on both sides. With their help extreme elements fasten. They are established with various orientation of uvulas, depending on the location. Sometimes the privates cut in half act as starting klyammer.

2. Fastening of klyammer is carried out by means of self-tapping screws or finishing tacks with small hats. When finishing wall or door lining fix starting klyammer on bar or the basis at the very bottom by means of finishing tacks by uvulas up. Further insert into them the first plate of lining. On top of plate plan the line and carnations beat klyammer. Insert plate into fixture. Try on the second plate, etc.

3. When finishing facades plates of porcelain tile or other material insert those klyammer into fixing profile and fix them by self-tapping screws. Level has to be accurately calculated and to be identical on height and width of tile since it affects exterior of facade.

4. Insert tile in klyammer one after another. As the gap of lobes of fastening is 1 mm less than thickness of front tile, it is reliably fixed and does not drop out even at split. Usually front klyammer fix corners of tiles: starting – two adjacent, privates - four.

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