How to fix mirror on gypsum cardboard

How to fix mirror on gypsum cardboard

The mirror is irreplaceable accent in any interior and looks quite harmoniously in each house. However after acquisition of mirror quite often there is question: where and how to establish it? It is very fragile thing therefore process of fastening will demand certain skills and patience.

Methods of fastening of mirrors

For installation of mirror on gypsum cardboard it is necessary to prepare special fastening. At stage of mounting of gypsum cardboard in places of fastening of objects it is necessary to think of installation of additional profile. Experts apply such ways of fastening as butterfly, snail.

At thickness of gypsum cardboard up to 12 mm the fastening butterfly is used. There are cases when gypsum cardboard is already established. In this case not to do without anchor bolts. Fastening of heavy objects on gypsum cardboard is carried out by means of special dowels. Mirrors can be established both in direct fastening, and in indirect. At indirect method by means of dowels the bracket on which the mirror or other subject is hung up is screwed in. Small mirrors it is possible to fix to wall by means of double-sided adhesive tape, special glue.

Types of dowels and self-tapping screws

In the construction market huge number of dowels is offered: four-segment multilateral dowel, normal, nylon. That there was turning of dowel in gypsum cardboard, they are equipped with blocking edges. Along with dowels in work with gypsum cardboard self-tapping screws are used. Calculation of length of self-tapping screws is carried out by the principle: thickness of mirror plus 10 mm plus length of dowel. From three ways of fastening the most reliable way is fastening by means of screws which if necessary can be dismantled. The only thing, fixing works need to be carried out extremely accurately. There are several types of products for fastening of objects: - nylon or polypropylene plug; - spreader dowel; - dowel for gypsum cardboard; - dowel nail; - frame dowel; - dowel butterfly. The mirror is heavier, the more difficult it to fix on plasterboard surface. Using dowels for fixing works, it is possible to exclude completely destruction of walls as besides the main, the dowel performs function of uniform distribution of loadings.

Alternative ways of fastening

Many fitters offer as the services the device special bracket on plasterboard wall where the mirror will be established further. This design has high strength and reliability. If the mass of mirror is too big, then it is necessary to attach the additional sheet of gypsum cardboard or plywood. And weighing mirror up to 20 kg it is possible to use method of fastening by means of liquid nails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team