How to fix mosquito net at plastic window

How to fix mosquito net at plastic window

The easiest way to protect the room from flies and mosquitoes – to establish mosquito grid at window. If the frame is made of metalplastic, there are two acceptable solutions of this task.

Correctly completed block of plastic window without fail includes such element as corners, fixtures and frame with mosquito grid. If the window was put "turnkey", then the staff of firm fix all spare parts. If assembly was made independently or window in the new apartment without corners and frame with grid, works on protection of the room will need to be performed the hands.

How to establish grid at plastic window by means of spare parts?

First of all it is necessary to choose grid. On sale there are several suitable options of this material. For example, it is possible to buy mesh cloth of Antikoshk which not only will protect the room from insects, but also will prevent loss of the pet who has made the careless movement (for example, having been fond of observation of birds). The qualitative grid of Antipyl will faultlessly serve not one year. But the best consider densely MICRO MECH as the size of its cell the smallest.

Having chosen grid, start removal of measures from window and production of frame. In the companies on production and installation of plastic windows it is possible to buy plastic or metal section with height of edge of 25 mm. Make framework for mosquito grids of it. In the same place it is necessary to buy also other components: fixtures and Z-shaped corners. At first mount frame. It consists of two parts, smaller of which densely enters big and reliably fixes mosquito grid between their edges. Having made framework, measure window and find out the required cloth size. Establish it between framework from profile. Then the finished product is put to outer side of shutter and note location of corners which fix to the plastic unit housing by means of small self-tapping screws.

One more way to establish grid on plastic window

If there is no desire to drill openings in the window block that are required for fastening of Z-shaped corners, it is necessary to buy grid which is fixed in the necessary situation with the help of adhesive tape. In set to such cloths there are all parts, necessary for mounting of moskitka. Work requires solvent or any other means by means of which it is possible to clean and degrease window frame. Then cut out mosquito cloth of the necessary size, measure the required length of adhesive tape, and with its help fix grid on shutter perimeter from its outer side. It is important not to allow formation of gaps through which insects can get.

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