How to fix rolled curtains

How to fix rolled curtains

Rolled curtains are the real design find combining unsurpassed functionality and decorative properties. They can decorate practically any interior as can take place at windows of any type including inclined dormer-windows. We will tell how to establish rolled curtains independently.

1. The main difference of rolled curtains from curtains of other type is that the cloth of curtains when turning cleans up in roll which in turn in some models can be in the special box located above. Walls can also decorate box in tone, for example. Rolled curtains it is possible to fix in wall, in ceiling, in aperture of window and on window casement, in shutter. Installation of curtain requires drill, dowels and screws, the screw-driver, ruler, level, measuring tape measure.

2. Previously solve, the curtain will be located how exactly: in window opening, out of it or on window shutters.

3. Further take the measurements. Width of curtain are equal in the first case to width of window opening minus on 2 cm from each party. Height of curtain has to be not less than height of window opening minus 2 cm. Width of rolled curtain is equal in the second case to width of window opening plus on 5 cm from each party. Width of curtain is equal in the third case to glass width plus on 1.5 cm from each party.

4. Consider that the rolled curtain has to be located so that not to hinder the movement of handle of a window. If the window is flush with wall, then width of curtain is equal to window width plus on 10 cm from each party, so the room will be better is darkened. Curtain height in the second, third and fourth cases has to be not less than height of window plus 10 cm.

5. Further begin installation of aluminum tube on which the curtain cloth is reeled up. For this purpose measure identical distance from each edge of window and note the provision of the first fastening. Then drill wall, insert into it dowel which corresponds to material of wall and screw fastening by screws.

6. By means of the level and ruler note arrangement of the second fastening and screw it in the same way. Place additional fastening at distance of 10 cm from the regulating cord as in this place the mechanism of rolled curtain experiences the greatest strain. After that fix curtain on fastenings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team