How to flitch log

How to flitch log

Wood as product is very valuable. Wooden products surround you everywhere. However before becoming table, cabinet or shop on the street, the tree has to go long way of processing. Materials from wood – boards, bars, bars, receive at cut.


1. When sawing log on boards you aspire to receiving boards with uniform density of wood. It is important that the direction of cuts went from the East to the West or on the contrary. As the North side of log has big density while southern more friable. Average boards have the uniform building and they are given bigger preference during the work in joiner's business.

2. If the log absolutely round, approximately identical thickness on all length has also no essential defects on outer side, the cut is made quickly and almost without loss valuable wood. At first cut the top and lower parties, and then flitch all rest of trunk equal on thickness.

3. In the majority of cases it is necessary to think over suitable methods of sawing to increase exit of the greatest number of qualitative and wide boards, irrespective of their thickness and the hidden advantages. At cut on tape power-saw bench it can be done, rotating log on 90o or 180 lakes.

4. At first remove the croaker. Further remove edging board. In the presence of the false kernel or defects on the lower part of board in quantity exceeding admissible the rotation of log on 90o or 180 lakes is made.

5. Again remove board. At lack of defects, remove additional board, etc. After you have removed all side boards, there will be bar which is also split the fixed width. Overturn logs on the bed every time when other party of log at cut allows to receive boards of bigger quality, than that which you saw now.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team